Bee Dance

oct 07 002

The bees had remained in the hive due to inclemant weather. Then one day the sun burst out and the temperature rose to flying temperature for a bee. (10c) In the human body glands release substances that regulate the body. In a beehive the queen releases chemicals that are passed from bee to bee to regulate the organization of the whole colony. The first few weeks of a honeybee’s life are spent in household duties but after that she becomes a forager. She has hardly been out of the hive except to hover like a hummingbird in front of the hive with other young bees  as they program in the exact location of home.
The scout bee had found some Monk’s Hood. A young honeybee watched  the scout enough times to know the flight plan. It would be a difficult first flight. She would have to go over or around a huge spruce tree and pull a left turn at the corner of the house. When she liked what she found she came back and did the dance and other bees were drawn to the prize. 

November 22 12:53 AM

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