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Microbe power

Microbes turn coal into methane. Methane collected from microbial activity in landfills is purified  and  fed into the natural gas grid. Scientist have been searching for ways to stimulate microbe activity on coal. The same principle would apply to turning … Continue reading

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Biodeisel from Algae

 If you build it will the algae come? Biodeisel plants in the United States have relied on soy oil as a feedstock. Recently the price of soy has almost doubled and, of course, the supply of soy is seasonal. The … Continue reading

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Hybrid Bears

Grizzlies and Polar Bears   Given a previous post on polar bears found here and in particular the post about the Grizzly Polar bear cross found here, this is presented as a matter of curiosity. I have no opinion as … Continue reading

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Adapting to change

Adapting to climate change   Sometimes you can point to a day or event when the tide of opinion starts to shift. Today may be such a day. This open letter proposes a different approach to climate change. Excerpts from … Continue reading

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War with the IPCC

War with the IPCC Canada’s role   Dissenting scientists have been told the war is over. The science is settled –unequivocal is the word that is used. But some scientists refuse to take a pat on the head and quit … Continue reading

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  The one compelling reason to homeschool   The one reason  to homeschool children is to allow them freedom. There are other reasons, but these can be balanced with creative, healthy parenting, within the regular school system. Three of these are as … Continue reading

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Arctic Berries

(follows Mrs. Polar Bear letters) August is fine dining time in the arctic. On the menu today we have the blueberry     picture:   This is a grizzly bear in a field of blueberries. Grizzlies are famous for eating … Continue reading

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