Arctic Berries

(follows Mrs. Polar Bear letters)
August is fine dining time in the arctic.
On the menu today we have the blueberry
This is a grizzly bear in a field of blueberries. Grizzlies are famous for eating blueberries. This is not a thin bear. Surprisingly, the range of grizzlies overlaps a lot of polar bear range. Grizzly bears have been seen in the islands of the arctic. see:
Next on our menu we have the Red Bear Berry. (Ericaceae, bilberry family). This is from the same family as the blueberry.
"An Inuit name on Baffin is Kallat for the berries and Kallaqutit, for a bearberry patch. The berries are eaten by animals, especially bears". I assume  these to be polar bears. According to the Inuit "the berries are eaten greedily by bears and ptarmigan".   source:
We also feature the crowberry and the lignonberry.
"The Arctic Cranberry thrives underneath the Midnight Sun, producing a flavor that’s deliciously tart and a little sweet. Arctic cranberries are so delicious, bears and cranes clamor for them."   source:
ps. Mrs. Polar Bear. I haven’t told you this before but I live on a blueberry farm. You have done some great commercials for Coca Cola so maybe you would be willing to do an ad for blueberries? I am thinking of a pose of you in a patch of arctic blueberries. Identifying yourself with something really healthy would do wonders for your image. Not that you aren’t famous already.
Your already devoted admirer,
The Pitt Meadows farmer.

Polar bears have survived a previous warming

December 13,2007  In a news release today scientists showed evidence indicating polar bears can take a warmer climate than the present. See the story here.

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One Response to Arctic Berries

  1. Simon says:

    Cool web site!!  Any areas for berries close to I qaluit….. We are just starting our adventure.  Any advice …….   Is appreciated.
    Thanks SW

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