The one compelling reason to homeschool


The one reason  to homeschool children is to allow them freedom.

There are other reasons, but these can be balanced with creative, healthy parenting, within the regular school system. Three of these are as follows:


Reasons to homeschool:

1.       By every measure homeschoolers will, on the average, outperform those who take formal schooling. But you can’t know that your version of homeschool is one of those that will produce a superior student. You can’t know for sure that this will work in your particular case. So this is an ok reason but not a compelling reason.

2.       Your child will become socialized to all age levels. This tends to prevent the child from becoming socialized only to peers. If your child becomes socialized by his peers, it is like living with an alien in your own home. You can’t expect that any thing you say will be heard or understood. Fortunately, most kids recover from this time but it can be frightening enough to parents to make them want to homeschool. Some good parenting can overcome this problem so it is a good but not  compelling reason to homeschool.

3.       Schools tend to be centers of indoctrination. Ideas that are held uncritically are not matters of learning but indoctrination. Here is how you can recognize the areas of indoctrination. If you hold a contrary view and find that you are held in contempt or even persecuted for your views then you have discovered an area where schools indoctrinate. Uncritically held views last years beyond their worth so you can waste a lot time with them. Critically held views always welcome new thought. The home can have some fun debunking in the areas where schools indoctrinate. This can make for some interesting student essays and actually help the child to stand up to indoctrination. This is a good but not  compelling reason to home school.

   The only compelling reason to home school is that homeschoolers can have the freedom to find their destiny. Some  people never do arrive at their destiny.


How did I get to this conclusion? I saw some young homeschoolers and realized that they knew their destiny; they could sense why they were on earth. Then I "reverse engineered" my whole thinking on the subject of homeschooling. Sometimes you can see something only from the other end.


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2 Responses to Homeschooling

  1. Unknown says:

    Excellent comment.  The reasons to homeschool are legion but you nailed the real one.  I have two homeschool graduates and they are way ahead of their peers, not just academically, but with their sense of purpose as well.My wife and I now encourage parents to homeschool through high school.  Check out our website and blog. and

  2. THE PEOPLE says:

    I myself was once homeschooled, or a “homescholar” as some might say. As a young lad I experienced what I like to call the “freedom sandwich”. I found myself comfortably between the sweet warm rye freedom homeschooling offered me, and the rough but necessary sourdough freedom that living in America imposed. Unfortunately my brother was not so fortunate as to experience this tasty treat called freedom, and fell victim to argument number 2. He was socialized by his peers. As argument number 2 clearly points out, “If your child becomes socialized by his peers, it is like living with an alien in your own home.” This statement could not be more true. At first I could deal with the tentacles growing from his ears, and even the constant probing at night, but I drew the line when he started constructing his space ship out of my saxton math books. Perhaps the saddest day of my life was the day I watched the United States secret service go through their usual procedure when finding an alien, and deport him to Canada. In conclusion, everyone should be home schooled to avoid an alien invasion.

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