Little Critters

The little critters are at it again


Syngas is produced when any carbon based material is reacted with steam and oxygen in a high temperature and high pressure oxygen starved environment. (See further information.) Then the microbes take over turning syngas into ethanol.


DETROIT — General Motors (GM) says it is investing in a fledgling company that claims its secret process could be able to make ethanol from waste in large quantity as soon as 2010 for $1 a gallon or less, half the cost of making gasoline.

Bill Roe, CEO of 18-month-old ethanol maker Coskata, says the company’s process uses bacteria developed at the University of Oklahoma and existing gasification technology to generate 99.7% pure ethanol, plus water. He says the method should leapfrog cellulosic production, which has been seen as the next step from today’s ethanol production using corn.   Source.

In a previous post microbes were credited with changing coal and oil into methane. Are microbes at the forefront of a revolution in the production of energy? Give the microbes a little feed and the right environment and they do all the work for you! How sweet it is!

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