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Shale oil and microwaves


Extracting oil from shale at a reasonable cost is energy’s Holy Grail. A previous post mentioned the use of microwaves but the company involved was a small start-up. Now the major players in oil are getting involved.


Jan 21, 2008 11:26:00 AM MST
Schlumberger buys Raytheon technology to draw oil from shale with microwave heat (Oil-From-Shale)


BOSTON _ A major U.S. defence contractor is selling technology to a large oilfield services company that hopes microwaves will someday become a key tool in unlocking the vast but hard-to-extract oil in underground shale deposits.

Much as a microwave oven heats food, Raytheon Co.‘s (NYSE:RTN) technology relies on microwaves to generate underground heat and melt a waxy substance in the shale called kerogen so it can be converted into oil.

Microwaves underground can be tuned to target the oil (kerogen) just like a microwave in a kitchen can target the food on a plate according to this report. This efficiency allows for 4-5 barrels of oil to be produced for the energy supplied by one barrel of oil. Source for more details:



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