Electricity from Jatropha

Jatropha brings change


When Jatropha oil begins to light up villages around the globe then life will improve for millions of poor people. With electricity comes refrigeration and improved health. With electricity comes the possibility of access to information through computers. The possibilities that were indicated in a previous post are happening.


NEW DELHI: Perhaps for the first time in India, a power plant in Chhattisgarh has been generating electricity using jatropha oil. That should be great news in a country where uninterrupted power supply remains a dream.
The plant, set up by New Delhi-based Winrock International India in the tiny Ranidhera village in Kabir Dham district, is providing 24-hour power supply, that too at an affordable price of Rs25 per bulb to poor villagers.
The 17.5 KW capacity power plant, which runs on raw oil produced from jatropha seeds, has been supplying electricity to the villagers since it became operational in April last year.


The 106 household village has enjoyed uninterrupted power since the service began. The light the villagers enjoy is a welcome switch from the kerosene they used to use.

 Soon the area will begin to export oil from their large plantings of Jatropha.

As a bonus, Geletin is a byproduct when Jatropha seeds are processed into oil and recent research has shown that Geletin  can be used as a source for hydrogen.

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