Extent of Arctic Sea Ice

The fate of the Polar bear is really related to the extent of sea ice. Or so the theory goes. This blog has  discussed how much sea ice does effect the viability of the polar bear. There is great variability in sea ice generally when you compare Hudson Bay with other areas because Hudson Bay is unique as the most southern locale of polar bear habitat. A previous post catalogued the adjectives used in the media to describe the extent of sea ice (or lack thereof). "Grim", "horrifying", "shocking" were just a sample of the words used to influence your opinion.

Below you will find a "how to" guide to forming your own opinion.

First look at a year over year picture of sea ice extent. This graphic was displayed in a previous post. You can find the graphic here and this will give you CURRENT information.

Next go to a graphic that will allow you compare any two days since the satellite started collecting data. You can be right up to date when you look here. The graphic should look like this:


These amazing graphics are provided by "The Cryosphere Today".

After you have done your analysis and formed your own opinion let’s hear your opinion. Send a comment to this entry!

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One Response to Extent of Arctic Sea Ice

  1. D says:

    One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.  When \’Science\’ gives us more than just conclusions and starts sharing some of the raw data things get interesting.  It may get messy and many people may read the data wrongly but it sets the stage for giant leaps forward in understanding.  The information age will be tremendously powerful.  A new Reformation is dawning.  It is not just the Latin-speaking priests who broker the Truth;  now anyone with a laptop computer can challenge a priestfessor\’s pronouncements.
    Listen for the howls of indignation from the establishment.
    Snow-jobs are now much harder to pull off.
    You better know the Truth.

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