Your new car

An open letter to the liberal government of British Columbia

Dear leaders,

Your new Carbon Tax is meant to save us ultimately from "runaway global warming" which is a very laudable goal. A few degrees of warming would be very welcome but the runaway stuff is downright scary.

The latest research by Hansen and his colleagues indicates that the Earth cannot sustain more than 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide without dire consequences. We are already at 383 ppm and the planet is reacting strongly.

Experts warn this upper limit is the best estimate of avoiding the “runaway greenhouse effect,” or abrupt climate change due to positive feedback mechanisms — factors not taken into account in the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report.

“The evidence indicates we’ve aimed too high [for acceptable levels of carbon dioxide],” Hansen said, and if we are to prevent catastrophic consequences, drastic changes need to take place sooner rather than later.


This is from James Hansen of NASA.  Source:

With the new Carbon tax coming we are all thinking twice about the purchase of our next new car. I think the government cabinet should lead the way by going all out in this important matter. I am recommending a car that will show the people in B.C. that you really mean business. Here it is!


Nano is a great brand name. It sells for about $2500US. It should be available this fall and you can buy online. Watch for this car to rip into those carbon numbers! Other great colours available.

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