B.C. Carbon Tax

The new B.C. carbon tax may make you want to stop your CO2 polluting ways but the tax doesn’t tell you what you can do. If you are a homeowner with an efficient natural gas furnace about all you can do is turn down the thermostat. Down here on the farm we have a woodlot. Time to stoke up the insert! Don’t get on our case-wood fuel is carbon neutral. It’s either fast oxidation in our fireplace or slow oxidation if left to rot in the bush.

If you have a car here is a suggestion that could put a whopping dent in you CO2 output. Maybe this technology could be retro fitted to your vehicle!

Hrein Energy, in cooperation with Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd, ITO Racing Service Co. Ltd.. and Dr. Ichikawa Masaru, a professor emeritus of Hokkaido University, has successfully test-driven a 1.2-liter Nissan March retrofitted with an on-board organic hydride system (earlier post) that delivers supplemental hydrogen to the gasoline engine.

Adding several percent of hydrogen dehydrogenated from the organic hydride to the intake air supported very lean-burn combustion. Fuel efficiency was improved by 30%; CO2 emissions were cut by 30%; and concentrations of CO and NOx were “considerably reduced”, according to the company.  Source:http://www.greencarcongress.com/2008/02/hrein-energy-su.html#more

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