Going Green

This is another special for residents of British Columbia who are the first in North America to be faced with a carbon tax. The carbon tax is there to encourage people to reduce their CO2 emissions. The first thing to know is that you don’t even have to believe that CO2 is a problem. Bob Lutz, who is a vice president at General Motors, got a lot of press recently when he said that manmade warming was "a total crock of **** ". Lutz is the main push behind the Chevrolet volt program which has as much green potential as any other technology.

Say what you will about Lutz, but he is the driving force behind the Chevrolet Volt, a range-extended electic vehicle that could revolutionize the industry. As long as Lutz gets that car into showrooms – and he’s pretty much made it clear that nothing short of divine intervention is going to keep that from happening by 2010 – we don’t care what he thinks about global warming.


You have enough reason to "go green" if you hate pollution and you have a second reason if you live in the United States and you would like to see your country reduce it’s dependence on foreign oil.

A plug-in hybrid like the volt has it’s batteries recharged at night from the electrical grid. Several companies are presently writing computer software that would schedule the battery charging at night when there are lulls in grid demand so almost no extra electricity needs to be produced. Imagine how quiet and clean our cities would be if all the cars were plug-ins.

Factor this in, you will save a bundle over the cost of the carbon tax if you drive a Volt. Be one of the first to order one!


PHEV means plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. (US prices) Source:http://www.pluginpartners.org/

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