Be like a race car driver

Another hint for B.C residents who are faced with a new carbon tax on automobile fuels. You can offset the cost of a carbon tax if you do what race car drivers have done for years. They inflate their tires with nitrogen to stabilize tire pressure. Now, for about $50, you can inflate your tires with nitrogen and save money on tire wear and gas consumption. A recent study confirmed the advantage of inflating tires with nitrogen.

Nitrogen inflation in passenger car tires can improve tire life, while also improving the fuel economy of the vehicle, according to the results of two studies conducted by the Mechanical Engineering Department at Clemson University. The studies were sponsored by Ingersoll Rand’s Industrial Technologies Sector.

The tests conducted indicated that nitrogen inflated tires can maintain tire pressure 74 percent better than shop air per month at normal operating conditions. As a result, nitrogen inflated tires produce about 70 percent less rolling resistance than air inflated tires. By reducing rolling resistance in both automotive and truck tires, the nitrogen filled tires last longer and reduce the amount of fuel consumption. Source:

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