There is a villain endangering the world. It is CO2. Carbon dioxide or carbon for short.

You can be like a detective and track down the MO of this villain. In social settings you can talk like an expert once you learn a little about CO2. All your questions about CO2 can be answered in one easy lesson.

  • Find out how CO2 absorbs radiant heat. (the greenhouse effect)
  • Find out the size of a CO2 molecule and the space between molecules.
  • Discover how CO2 is affected by gravity because of it’s molecular mass.
  • You can know about absorption and outgassing.
  • Learn how to do outgassing experiments with your friends.

You don’t have have to look like an ignoramus any longer. This will help you more socially than a cure for acne. Don’t waste any time in getting to this article!

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