Straight Goods

An Antarctic ice shelf collapses and google has 655 news reports on this topic. Climate change is the problem!

Ocean buoys actually measure the fact that the oceans are slightly cooling. How many news reports on this topic? 2! NPR (national public radio) in the US and National Post in Canada.

Question. Which of these reports would really indicate global warming?

As a consumer of news do you feel you have been well served by the news media?

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One Response to Straight Goods

  1. D says:

    Solving problems — that\’s what I do. 
    Let me explain two seemingly contradictory phenomena:  the warming earth, and cooling water.
    Our globe is warming.  What happens when the earth warms up?  Ice sheets melt, break apart, and float off into the ocean in all directions.
    What happens when you fill the oceans with millions of huge ice cubes?  The oceans cool.
    The village drunk sitting in some bar ordering a drink ‘on the rocks’ could have told you that.  Why can’t you climate sceptics see the obvious?

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