GM on track

When General Motors had a day long briefing for press from around the world you knew there was something afoot. GM was giving a detailed update on the progress of their plug-in hybrid electric vehicle the Volt. It is unlikely there would be that much fanfare if the target production date in 2010 was an unrealistic target.

In a day-long briefing at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan, the GM team responsible for the Volt provided a snapshot of the current state of development of the extended range electric vehicle (earlier post)—which is tracking to production in November 2010—to an international group of journalists.


Gm hardly needed to whet the appetite for it’s new Volt with a day long press conference. Consumer groups had been agitating for a PHEV for some time.

At the New York International Auto Show yesterday, blogger Lyle Dennis, creator of a popular enthusiast website devoted to the upcoming Chevrolet Volt (, hosted a town hall-style meeting with General Motors personnel to discuss progress on the transformation of the Volt from concept car to production vehicle.

About 200 fans of the Volt from around the country attended Volt Nation, peppering engineers and executives with questions about the vehicle for several hours. Green Car Congress attended the event as a guest of General Motors.

I wanted to be able to connect GM to the public. I think we’ve demonstrated to GM just how much we want this car.

—Lyle Dennis


And then, of course, there is the "Plug-in Partners" which is an advocacy group devoted to seeing plug-ins come to market. Check them out here:

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