Harris Poll: 67% of Americans Believe Humans Contributing to Warming

According to the poll only 65% believed in a human contribution one year ago. This is a sign that scientific literacy is improving. People are probably reading about the UHI affect (urban heat island) or learning that CO2 blocks certain wave lengths of radiation.

Of course, the real question is this: " Is the human contribution significant"? According to the poll:

Last year, 50% of those who believe humans are contributing to an increase in temperatures characterized that increase as substantial; this year 40% say it is substantial.

This significant change in opinion cannot be credited to the media who tout the opposite point of view. People are becoming self educated and the huge surge in popularity among certain blogs could well be the reason.

The question remains-who will be the last to catch on? Will it be the media or the politicians? If the media are reading the comments on their articles they may be the next to "get it". Read any New York Times article on climate and check the comments to see how the public have become "enlightened".

Headline and quote taken from:http://www.greencarcongress.com/2008/04/harris-poll-67.html

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