The B.C. connection

There are some great B.C. companies that are doing a lot to clean up the environment, add to fuel choices  and reduce CO2 emissions.

Dynamotive Energy Systems uses waste wood and turns it into bio oil and char. It has two plants in Ontario and is seeking to expand in Argentina and Taiwan.

West Lorne (Ontario) shipped 22 tonnes of BioOil to the U.S. and 50 cubic meters of char to a soy bean farm in Ontario, Canada, to be used as soil enhancer, as well as a number of sample shipments to potential customers…Guelph shipped 22 tonnes of fuel to Illinois, USA, where Dynamotive will burn BioOil Plus and BioOil at Eclipse’s combustion facility on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of April with potential clients present. Source:

Questair makes gas purification systems. A typical application is to take landfill gas and extract the methane so that it can be added to the natural gas grid.

QuestAir Technologies Inc. (AIM: QAR; TSX: QAR) … has signed an agreement to supply its methane purification products to Verdesis Suisse SA (“Verdesis”), a leading European supplier of integrated plants that produce renewable pipeline or vehicle fuel grade methane from biogas. …

QuestAir …will supply an M-3200 pressure swing adsorption (“PSA”) system to the ‘Biomethane for Vehicle Fuel’ project located at the Hilarides Dairy in Lindsay, California. … into a plant that upgrades a portion of the biogas generated from the anaerobic digestion of manure at the 9,000-cow dairy in California. Purified biomethane from the Phase 3 plant will fuel three heavy-duty milk trucks that have been outfitted with engines to run on biomethane fuel. Source:

Westport Innovations produces technology for natural gas engines. A lot of sales are in California where there is a concerted effort to clean up air pollution and achieve energy independence.

VANCOUVER, BC – Cummins Westport Inc. (“CWI”), a leading provider of high-performance, alternative fuel engines for the global market, announced … that the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System “San Diego MTS” has ordered 250 CWI ISL G engines to be installed in New Flyer, 40-foot, low-floor vehicles. Source:

Nxtgen Emission Controls has developed an add on control device to clean up diesel exhaust and improve fuel consumption.

The company says it is expected to reduce particulate emissions by 85 per cent and NO{-x} emissions by 65 per cent while allowing improvements in fuel economy of as much as 10 per cent.

NxtGen says its system uses highly reactive "syngas," a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide produced by reforming diesel fuel and engine exhaust. The syngas converts NO{-x} to nitrogen and water in a pair of lean NO{-x} traps. …

The company has real-world field trial projects under way in Canada and the United States to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of the innovative technology. Source: The Globe and Mail.

Companies like these could make B.C. an environmental leader in North America and the world.

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