Jolly Green Giant

Dr. Isaac Berzin was recently included in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people for 2008. Bezin has been a pioneer in the development of fuel from algae. See previous post. While it has been noted here that commercial production of algae is anticipated but not yet achieved, Berzin says it is coming but the implications of it’s coming will be world changing.

Berzin is already looking forward to cultural implications for his scientific-technological breakthrough. "As soon as one energy farm proves itself economically – and that will happen within a year and a half – we will be able to establish similar farms all over the world. If an energy revolution of this kind occurs in China, it will foment a strategic change in the division of the political forces on a global scale. A world in which China will not be dependent on Iran will be a different world. Some countries will lose part of their power. The message is one of energy freedom. If you have land, sun and CO2, you can grow your own energy. A revolution like this will make the world free."

For the whole engaging story read here:

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