A Surplus killer-the Polar Bear

Public policy in the United States could be influenced by the "threatened" status of the polar bear so this is a good time to learn as much as possible about this icon of the north.

Polar bears will kill seals if they have the opportunity beyond what they could reasonably expect to eat.

Although they have not been observed to cache, polar bears are surplus killers. Stirling and Derocher (1990) reported seeing a polar bear kill two seals within an hour of feeding extensively on another seal. Neither of the latter two seals killed was eaten. Stirling and �ritsland (1995) also have reported surplus killing in polar bears. I once observed a young male polar bear still-hunting at a breathing hole on new autumn ice. There was a partially consumed seal nearby, and between that feeding site and where he was still-hunting were three freshly killed ringed seals stacked like cordwood. When my helicopter approached the bear to capture him, he abandoned his still-hunting site, ran to the pile of dead seals, and covered them with his body as if to protect his stash. This bear apparently had eaten his fill from the first seal but was continuing to hunt, catch, and stack seals despite a low probability that he would consume much of them.

Super size that meal is the inner impulse of the polar. Polar bears will often eat just the fat portion of a kill and leave the meat to other scavengers. Source:http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/polar-bears-in-depth/feeding-habits/page3/

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