Cap and trade and carbon taxes are unnecessary

Industry and technology have already accomplished more than government schemes will ever achieve. Consider the following:

  1. Plug-in hybrids will be mass produced soon. Electricity produced by wind or hydro can be used to re-charge plug-ins and drastically reduce CO2 output. The cost comparison with gasoline indicates that plug-ins can run at an electric equivalence of less than $1.00 US per gallon of gas. The reduced running costs will draw consumers to this product as batteries improve.
  2. Cellulosic ethanol will soon be produced for less than $1.00 US per gallon. Production from waste bio matter means that this product is carbon neutral. Owners of flex fuel vehicles will be able to find this product wherever blended gas is sold.
  3. Natural gas provides a carbon saving just from it’s chemical structure but now there is cost saving that is moving consumers toward natural gas. This is the experience of Westport Innovations, a producer of natural gas engines.

    The lower cost of natural gas compared to oil based fuels coupled with the strong environmental leadership story for natural gas vehicles has helped generate an unprecedented increase in interest in our products”  said David Demers, Westport’s Chief Executive Officer.

There is already enough financial incentive to get people to shift to carbon saving technologies without government adding taxes to force the issue.

Also, a growing number of people aren’t convinced that  "carbon" is a "problem" that needs to be "fixed". That should cause government to pause and reflect!

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