Changing the climate-an arrogant proposition

Knowing the ideal climate and how to attain it seems preposterous but that is exactly what the government of  B.C. believes. The first monies will be doled out to the citizens within days. This is to get the people on board for the impending carbon tax.

It will take more than money to convince those who are looking out the window at the rain and experiencing the coldest Spring in years. It’s hard to be a believer when you look at the graph below.


rss_may_08-5201 Click on graph to enlarge. Source:

This graph shows the global drop in temperature from January 07 to May 08.

Others are skeptical when they consider the lack of sunspots and remember that the "little ice age" was marked by a lack of sunspots.

ScienceDaily (Jun. 9, 2008) — The sun has been lying low for the past couple of years, producing no sunspots and giving a break to satellites.

That’s good news for people who scramble when space weather interferes with their technology, but it became a point of discussion for the scientists who attended an international solar conference at Montana State University. Approximately 100 scientists from Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and North America gathered June 1-6 to talk about "Solar Variability, Earth’s Climate and the Space Environment."

The scientists said periods of inactivity are normal for the sun, but this period has gone on longer than usual….

[Physicists] have observed a longer-than-normal period of solar inactivity. In the past, they observed that the sun once went 50 years without producing sunspots. That period, from approximately 1650 to 1700, occurred during the middle of a little ice age on Earth that lasted from as early as the mid-15th century to as late as the mid-19th century.

In bizarre contrast to this arrogance the Canadian government. in humility. apologized to the native people of Canada today. In a moving ceremony that received great media coverage, the people of Canada said they were sorry for forcing native children into residential schools. Separating children from their parents and families comes out of arrogant attitudes. Repentance is the end result.

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One Response to Changing the climate-an arrogant proposition

  1. Josh says:

    Is that "exactly" what the government of B.C. believes? I kinda thought that since we\’re rather adapted to what we\’ve got, it would be far better not to have to re-adapt to something different. It\’s not some objective ideal, but a subjective one. It would be nice to know, though, if the government actually believes as you state that they do, so I can make fun of them too. Until then, though, I\’ll just keep making fun of you! 😉

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