Arctic sea ice unaffected by undersea volcanoes

The heat from massive volcanic activity on the arctic seabed has not affected the melting of arctic ice according to scientists.

…red-hot magma has been rising from deep inside the earth and blown the tops off dozens of submarine volcanoes, four kilometres below the ice. "Jets or fountains of material were probably blasted one, maybe even two, kilometres up into the water," says geophysicist Robert Sohn of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who led the expedition….

"The scale and magnitude of the explosive activity that we’re seeing here dwarfs anything we’ve seen on other mid-ocean ridges," says Sohn, who studies ridges around the world. The volume of gas and lava that appears to have blasted out of the Gakkel volcanoes is "much, much higher" than that seen at other ridges….

The scientists say the heat released by the explosions is not contributing to the melting of the Arctic ice…

Even though the red hot magma could have been spewed to within two kilometres of the ice it "did not contribute to" melting. This report did not mention how the heat did dissipate. Source:

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