Doubts about Solar

Any doubts about the emergence of solar panels as an important component of the renewable energy field should be laid to rest by these items: 1) A new solar panel plant with $2.9 billion in orders-enough to keep the plant going for five years.

Jul. 16–DEVENS — With a gleaming plant, a booming global market and a new $1.2 billion contract with a German distributor, Evergreen Solar is poised for the kind of growth that could eventually place it among the world’s elite class of solar-panel producers.

Yesterday, Evergreen cut the ribbon on a $165 million plant here and announced a five-year contract with Germany’s IBC Solar AG, which distributes panels.

The plant is expected to produce more than 780,000 panels annually when it reaches full capacity next year. Source:

2) A massive solar installation in southern California.

Work has started on what is being billed as the largest solar panel installation in the world.

When finished, solar panels will coat the roofs of about 150 commercial buildings in Southern California – adding up to two square miles of surface area — and generating electricity that will feed into the Southern California Edison system.

During the next 45 days, Edison says it will attach 33,000 solar panels to a 600,000-square-foot commercial roof in Fontana. The rooftop is being leased from ProLogis.


The ability to store electricity generated by solar would be the clincher! And that is the tantalizing prospect that would make solar panels a compelling choice.

Ben Gurion University of Negev in Israel purchased a 5kW x 4 hour VRB-ESS (storage battery) to assess the benefits associated with solar energy integration at the University’s Blaustein Institute for Solar Energy. Source:

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