Truth from government

Misleading the people is a government gambit that that will come back to haunt the government that goes that route.

To gain support for it’s carbon policies the B.C. government is running a TV ad that shows three dramatic images. 1) Trees leveled by  a windstorm in Vancouver’s favorite park-Stanley park. 2) A forest fire engulfing homes. 3) Flooding in Prince George caused by an ice jam. Then the ad asks if you want to do something about climate change. Outside of speculation, there is no way to connect these weather events with man made CO2 emissions. The science isn’t there to make a link.

In Australia the same mistake is being repeated.

CLIMATE Minister Penny Wong published an astonishing green paper in response to what she perceives to be the threat of global warming.

The first sentence of the opening section of her paper, entitled "Why we need to act", contains seven scientific errors — almost one error for every two words.

Here is the sentence: "Carbon pollution is causing climate change, resulting in higher temperatures, more droughts, rising sea levels and more extreme weather."

For the rest of the story read here.

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