Grise Fiord

Grise Fiord is Canada’s most northerly community and it is living up to the meaning of it’s Inuit name as "the place that never thaws". Obviously this community hasn’t heard of the dire warnings of an ice free arctic ocean.

Canada’s most northerly community, Grise Fiord lies on the southern shore of Ellesmere Island in the Far North. Its Inuit name, Aujuittuq, means ‘place that never thaws’. Grise Fiord owes its English name to the Norwegian explorer Otto Sverdrup, who charted the south and east coasts of Ellesmere Island from 1899 to 1903. Among the many names he gave to fiords in the area, he called this particular one Grise Fiord, which means "pig fiord" in Norwegian. It seems that the sounds made by the many walrus here reminded him of the grunting of pigs! The population of Grise Fiord is 161. Source:

With the low angle of the sun, temperatures have dropped in the high arctic. Here are the mid August forcast temperatures from Environment Canada. Don’t bet on an ice free North Pole this year.

GRISE FIORD  Friday August 15,2008.

Tonight     Sat                   Sun                 Mon                   Tue

0°C       H2°C  L-3°C     H1°C  L-3°C      H-1°C  L-5°C        H0°C  L-5°C

200px-Canada_pol99_Grise_Fiord Picture source:,_Nunavut

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