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Solar Wind a breeze

This post reports on a press conference today by NASA on the record low solar wind. The solar wind protects the earth from galactic cosmic rays. Galactic cosmic rays are theorized to influence cloud formation on earth. And cloud formation … Continue reading

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Nuclear power plants for sale

Steam turbine not included. Hyperion Nuclear Power Generator Hyperion Power Generation, Inc., (HPG) with the assistance of Los Alamos National Laboratory, is developing and commercializing a small, factory-sealed, mass-produced, transportable nuclear power module that is uniquely safe and proliferation-resistant. The … Continue reading

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Airlines can look to a better future

New developments in algae specifically targeted at jet fuel could rescue a struggling airline industry and bring price relief to travelers. Arizona State University has entered into a research and commercialization collaboration with Heliae Development, LLC and Science Foundation Arizona … Continue reading

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Jatropha oil and air travel

Jatropha oil is starting to come into production from huge plantings around the world. Tucked away in an article on New Zealand tourism is a phrase that jumps off the page. In case you wondered here it is: A barrel … Continue reading

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