Jatropha oil and air travel

Jatropha oil is starting to come into production from huge plantings around the world. Tucked away in an article on New Zealand tourism is a phrase that jumps off the page. In case you wondered here it is:

A barrel of jatropha fuel would cost about a third of the price of a barrel of crude oil. By the end of the year, Air New Zealand expected to run a three-hour test flight using a Boeing 747 with one engine running on jatropha.

Just imagine the cost of air travel if the following goal is reached. It’s not that far away. And doesn’t that raise the bar for the cost of fuel from algae?

Air New Zealand group general manager international airline Ed Sims said the carrier hoped to be using at least one million barrels of environmentally sustainable fuel each year by 2013 — enough to run the domestic fleet. Source:http://www.thewest.com.au/default.aspx?MenuID=8&ContentID=96521

Be thankful for the CO2 in the atmosphere that will be needed to grow all the Jatropha that is being planted on wasteland all around the globe.

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