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Commercially possible – biodiesel from algae

Transportation fuel from algae has been a elusive dream because of technical obstacles. A new way to process the algae into fuels may make the dream a reality. ScienceDaily (Mar. 25, 2009) — Chemists reported development of what they termed … Continue reading

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Dahka Bangladesh uses natural gas to clean up air pollution

Dhaka, a city of 11 million, was choking on the fumes of 2 cycle gas engines used to propel it’s rickshaws. With a lot of foreign aid it started the switch to natural gas and saw the particulate pollution reduced … Continue reading

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Wood fuel-carbon neutral and cheap

In 2006, 12 college and university presidents pledged to become carbon neutral. Just over two years later 614 others would join them. The results of that pledge are starting to show up in an “exploding” move across American campuses. One … Continue reading

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Everyday there is another media blurb about the "dirty oil" that comes from the Alberta oil sands. Rex Murphy of the CBC points out the hypocrisy in this media onslaught and in particular the feature article in a recent National … Continue reading

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Cap and Trade will be great for Canada

WHY STEPHEN HARPER SUDDENLY LIKES CAP AND TRADE Cap and trade is a hidden tax on industries that emit carbon dioxide. One of the key targets for the tax will be coal fired electrical plants. Since 50% of the electricity … Continue reading

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