Cap and Trade will be great for Canada


Cap and trade is a hidden tax on industries that emit carbon dioxide. One of the key targets for the tax will be coal fired electrical plants. Since 50% of the electricity comes from coal fired plants in the United States, consumers there should expect their electrical bills to skyrocket.

Canada, on the other hand, gets 2/3 of it’s electricity from hydro power and another 10% from nuclear. There is room for even more hydro development in Canada. Exports of electricity from Canada to the United States looks like a lucrative growth industry under Cap and trade. Another alternative, natural gas, is abundant in Canada with huge new finds in B.C. Natural gas produces much less CO2 than coal and Canada is an exporter of natural gas.

Canada is the world’s second largest exporter of electricity after France. Canada exports on average 40 Twh of electricity each year to the United States with a value of $2.5 billion. Most of that electricity comes from hydropower. By displacing sources of electricity such as thermal power plants, the export of hydropower significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants on a continental scale. Source.

Canada should hope that the United States doesn’t figure out that it’s folly to try and alter the climate by taxing CO2 emissions. Videos like the following could be very disturbing to American viewers.

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