Wood fuel-carbon neutral and cheap

In 2006, 12 college and university presidents pledged to become carbon neutral. Just over two years later 614 others would join them. The results of that pledge are starting to show up in an “exploding” move across American campuses. One college chose to use gas from a landfill. Another is using wood pellets. Middlebury College in Vermont is using wood gasification.

Middlebury, Vt.

With the sun shining on a rare, warm winter day, Thomas Corbin stands in a snow-covered field of willow shrubs. The stalks, some more than 10 feet high, jab like slender fingers into the blue sky.

If all goes well, in two years, a modified corn harvester will chop through these fast-growing shrubs. The crop will then be hauled a mile or so to feed the new biomass gasification plant at Middlebury College, where Mr. Corbin is assistant treasurer. The college hopes that the willow will provide 12,000 tons of fuel each year, about half of the fuel the facility is expected to burn.Source:

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