When green isn’t green

Californians pay a lot more for their power because of their definition of “green power”. As of December 2008 the average price per kilowatthour in California was $12.96. In nearby Oregon the price was $7.26 and in Washington $6.69. Part of the reason for high prices in California is the definition of green.

The Global Warming Solutions Act

By 2006, Governor Schwarzenegger had signed AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act. Today, public and municipal utilities are scrambling to enter contracts with wind and solar farms and geothermal power plants to meet the AB 32 deadlines.  Most of these new sources of power are located within California.
Clean hydropower and nuclear power, and relatively clean natural gas, were not considered Green Power under AB 32 because that would mean out-of-state power producers could simply shift from dirty coal power to cleaner sources of power to export electricity to California. And California could not tolerate having clean and cheaper conventional sources of power qualify as Green Power…Source.



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