Wood Gasification –Victoria B.C. inner harbour

In an urban surrounding, wood gasification is providing heat and hot water. In a province not lacking in wood waste one wonders: “Why has it taken so long?” Meanwhile, plans are in place to build a wood gasification plant at the University of Northern B.C. in Prince George. Plants like this should be all over B.C. providing electricity as well as heat and hot water.

Biomass gasification system provider Nexterra Energy Corp. announced its system installed at Dockside Green on the inner harbor at Victoria, British Columbia, is now operational and able to provide heat and hot water for up to 2,500 Dockside Green residents.
Nexterra announced its involvement with Dockside Green in March 2007, which is a $600 million residential and commercial development located on 15 acres of former industrial land. Residential phases are complete, and commercial buildings are currently being constructed.
Nexterra’s system uses a thermochemical gasification process to create a synthetic gas which is burned to produce heat. Wood materials, water and air are heated in a low-oxygen environment until the wood undergoes gaseous decomposition. The resulting flue gas products are scrubbed and cleaned through an electrostatic precipitator, and then burned to produce heat for a water boiler. The boiler will supply the majority of Dockside heating requirements with some peak load supplied by the backup/peaking gas boilers. Read the entire story here.



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