What’s not to like about this renewable energy?

Mention a run of the river hydro project in B.C. and the rent a busload of protesters will show up to complain – on environmental grounds. If the project was developed by the government owned B.C. Hydro a lot of the protest would disappear. (Read the comments to the article.) This is hypocrisy at it’s best. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

When the run-of-river hydro project on Harrison Lake soon begins generating its first watts of clean electricity, something truly amazing is going to happen for the people of the In-SHUCK-ch First Nation.

For the first time, they will able to switch off the noisy, foul-smelling diesel generators that pump filthy pollution and greenhouse gases into their air.

The smoke-belching generators have been the only source of power in the remote, poverty-stricken communities.

But not anymore.

The First Nation, which enthusiastically backs the hydro project in its territory, will be finally connected to the B.C. Hydro grid.

The In-SHUCK-ch, who have already received an injection of precious jobs from the project, will now get an injection of clean, zero-emission power to light their homes.

But the critics won’t care. Comfortably ensconced in their own air-conditioned condos, watching their power-sucking big-screen TVs, they will condemn the First Nation and the private company it has partnered with.

The vast majority of these critics have never visited the region itself. None have had the guts to look the In-SHUCK-ch people in the eyes and tell them why they should remain cut off from the world and forced to pollute their own environment to survive.

Read the article and comments here.

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