Biochar is win,win,win

  1. It’s a win for sequestering carbon in the soil for thousands of years. When plants take up CO2 for plant growth and then the plant matter is heated to drive off gases the carbon is locked in the charcoal that remains. The charcoal is stable enough to last endlessly.
  2. It’s a win for agriculture. Charcoal spread on agricultural land gives a big boost to plant productivity.
  3. It’s a win for energy and fuels. The syngas produced by this process of pyrolysis can be burned to produce heat or electricity or it can be turned into other useful fuels.

Why don’t the people who are concerned about carbon in the atmosphere go all out to produce biochar and leave the skeptics at peace. CO2 activist James Hanson thinks it’s a good idea! Here is a group from Wales that is leading the way:

A PROCESS invented thousands of years ago by Amazonian Indians could play a key role in defeating global warming, experts in Wales claim today.

The scientists from Swansea University have established a research group to develop the little-known but potentially planet-saving product Biochar.

…Biochar Research Team member Dominic Woolf, an associate lecturer in sustainable development at Swansea University, said yesterday: “Biochar is a technology that can remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere at the same time as providing useful energy, improving soil fertility and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-derived fertilisers


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