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Arctic winds and sea ice

The red vector in the center of the video shows the strength and direction of the arctic winds. As the wind blows the ice into warmer waters you can see the total area of ice shrink. The dire calamity stories … Continue reading

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B.C.’s natural gas bonanza

With a switch from oil to natural gas, North America could be energy independent. The immediate plans of natural gas producers in B.C. is to support a pipeline to Kitimat so the gas can be sold to Asia. However, there … Continue reading

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Froth treatment of oil sands bitumen reduces environmental impact

Environmentalists bitterly complain about the CO2 emissions from the Canadian oil sands. But the oil sands are on their way to becoming as clean or cleaner than conventional oil. This is just one step in that process: Aug. 21 (Bloomberg) … Continue reading

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Polar Bears frolic on Hudson Bay ice

With cool temperatures and thick ice on Hudson Bay the Polar bears had a couple of extra weeks to feast on ringed seals. When ice melts it’s a trend but when ice remains frozen it’s an “exception” or “blip”. That … Continue reading

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Natural gas and politics

Natural gas is moving to center stage, claiming it’s rightful place as the answer to energy independence. At current low gas prices and abundant supplies renewables like wind and solar will need huge subsidies to compete in the energy market. … Continue reading

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Natural gas – becoming a world commodity

Shell has signed an agreement for “the design, construction and installation of multiple floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facilities over a period of up to fifteen years”. This is a vote of confidence in the importance of natural gas as … Continue reading

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