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The logic of Dr. Richard Lindzen

What the climate debate is about and what it is not about. No need to ask “Where’s the beef”? after Lindzen takes you to the meat of the matter! Global Warming: How to approach the science. Richard S. Lindzen Program … Continue reading

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Natural gas hydrates – realizing the potential.

“Hydrates occur in vast quantities under the oceans and permafrost, where tremendous pressure traps gas in tiny cages or crystals made of water molecules. When brought to the surface the cages melt, releasing methane gas that will burn if lit … Continue reading

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Diesel fuel from plastic

The ultimate in recycling has arrived! “SITA UK, one of the country’s leading recycling and resource management companies and a subsidiary of Suez Environment, has signed an exclusive agreement with Cynar Plc to build Britain’s first fully operational plants to … Continue reading

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