Diesel fuel from carbon dioxide and methane

Carbon Sciences to Produce First Samples of Diesel Fuel
Company’s proprietary catalyst is ready to be used with a proven commercial process to make diesel fuel from natural gas Santa Barbara, CA – June 6, 2011 – Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABND), the developer of a breakthrough technology to make gasoline and other fuels from natural gas and carbon dioxide, today announced plans to produce samples of diesel fuel in an end-to-end process demonstration.Carbon Sciences’ breakthrough catalyst technology transforms natural gas and carbon dioxide into a synthesis gas (syngas), which can then be transformed into gasoline and other fuels using conventional Fischer-Tropsch (“FT”) gas-to-liquids (“GTL”) technology. Of the various methods used to produce syngas from natural gas, dry reforming using carbon dioxide is the most desired approach, due to lower projected capital and operating costs. However, there is no commercial catalyst robust enough to sustain dry reforming reactions on an industrial scale. The Carbon Sciences technical team has solved this problem.

Carbon Sciences’ novel catalyst is very robust and has been proven to work continuously at high conversion efficiency during more than 2,000 hours of laboratory testing and 600 hours of commercial testing even without regeneration. Based on these results, the company’s management believes its catalyst is the most robust catalyst available today for dry forming of methane.




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