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A tax structure that promotes operating in the US could change the wave in this article into a tsunami. “Some big U.S. companies report that they will soon be “reshoring” – returning production to technologically advanced rich countries. Global consulting firm … Continue reading

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A 3000 year supply of natural gas for the US.

Methane, locked in frozen deposits, can be released with the injection of the needlessly dreaded carbon dioxide. A 3000 year supply is the conservative estimate. This defines the word “sustainable”. “The U.S. now produces 21 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of … Continue reading

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Can you say “sustainable”?

The UN has shifted its concern from global warming to “sustainable energy” With this news one could reasonably wonder “what’s the fuss?”. (The UN has declared 2012 as “the international year of sustainable energy for all”.) “(Reuters) – The Energy … Continue reading

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