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How much of a menace is methane?

Microbes have munched almost all of the methane (natural gas) released in the BP gulf oil spill in less than a year. The microbes have eaten the oil as well! Fear of hydrocarbon spills and the effect of methane on climate … Continue reading

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More Canadian shale gas

“Seventy-five kilometres southwest of Quebec City, in the farm country that lines the St. Lawrence River, natural gas is surging from the ground. In a province so distant from the petroleum industry that it does not yet have its own … Continue reading

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Making the data fit the theory

Time machines are a staple of sci-fi. Someone travels back to the past and changes some momentous historical event, expecting his or her heroic action will improve the present and future, usually with disastrous results! Well, NASA GISS has a … Continue reading

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Gasoline from biomass

The Virent technology, described above, uses catalysts to convert plant sugars directly into gasoline and gasoline-blend components. Virent’s biogasoline has an energy content similar to premium gasoline. Virent says the sugars can be sourced from non-food sources such as corn stover, wheat … Continue reading

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US energy independance in 9 years?

The road map looks like this: Use thorium reactors to produce electricity. Use coal to produce liquid fuels for vehicles. Natural gas can also be converted to liquid fuels and vehicles can run on natural gas. See this earlier post: reading

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