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Mrs. Polar Bear

Dear Mrs Polar Bear, An open letter.   You puzzle and amaze me. Just when all the other hungry bears are moving onto the ice to stalk seals you are heading into a den for eight months. The timing couldn’t … Continue reading

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Biodeisel from Jatropha

The seeds from the Jatropha plant can be pressed to release oil. If filtered it can be used in a deisel engine. This use of the oil has a long history. It is true that Jatropha oil is not exactly … Continue reading

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small oil exposed

The background. OTTAWA — Petrobras, the Brazilian oil company, announced a couple of weeks ago the discovery of a huge offshore oil field – described as the second-biggest discovery of conventional crude anywhere in the world in the past 20 … Continue reading

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saltwater crocs

Mystery of the migrating crocs unravelled.   Three crocodiles relocated from their homes in Far North Queensland have been tracked swimming between 10 and 30 kilometres per day according to a collaborative research project by The University of Queensland, Australia … Continue reading

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climate change and policy change

My neighbor came by for coffee yesterday. Brought me a sample of his alfalfa honey. He had sent his colonies from Pitt Meadows to Alberta to get this honey. It was white and finely granulated. Makes a good base for creamed … Continue reading

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Bee Dance

OCTOBER DANCE   The bees had remained in the hive due to inclemant weather. Then one day the sun burst out and the temperature rose to flying temperature for a bee. (10c) In the human body glands release substances that … Continue reading

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Bee Strategy Helps Servers Run More SweetlyGeorgia Institute of Technology (11/16/07) McRainey, Megan Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a communications system for Internet servers based on the dance-based communication system bees use to divide limited resources. The new … Continue reading

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