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Global warming a Y2K?

Alarm over global warming is sounding more and more like the Y2K computer scare. The climate so far has failed to deliver on the hype. Growing skepticism is making carbon taxes a hard sell. And now this: ABSTRACT This article … Continue reading

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Act first – debate later

The B.C. carbon tax takes effect on July first. B.C. residents aren’t impressed with this birthday present on Canada’s birthday. They want to debate the tax. The premier has shifted to moral persuasion by mentioning his upcoming grandfather status and … Continue reading

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Arctic sea ice unaffected by undersea volcanoes

The heat from massive volcanic activity on the arctic seabed has not affected the melting of arctic ice according to scientists. …red-hot magma has been rising from deep inside the earth and blown the tops off dozens of submarine volcanoes, … Continue reading

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Industry plan to use landfill gas

Several California landfills have introduced technology to capture the landfill gas then purify and liquefy the methane for use in natural gas engines. It’s hard to imagine a move that could be better for the environment than this. Now four … Continue reading

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Just Wondering

This is a comment from Anthony Watt’s blog. Arthur Glass (03:11:29) : Not immediately germane, but if hydrogen powered engines emit H2O, aren’t they worse polluters than the internal combustion engine, since water vapor is a much more powerful ‘greenhouse’ … Continue reading

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Power of Solar

In a previous post this statement was made of advances in solar panels: With the evolution of better technology the cost of solar panels has decreased so that if the trend continues solar panels will compete with other forms of … Continue reading

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Rooftops in California

San Francisco is just one example of a jurisdiction that is encouraging the installation of solar panels. San Francisco will offer up to $6,000 for homeowners installing solar panels. Aggressive plans to expand renewable energy in San Francisco moved ahead … Continue reading

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